Soundproof doors – the best quality

Are you looking for soundproof doors? Then you have come to the right place. We have doors that block every sound, in many shapes and sizes. We are certified in these internal and external doors. We can also provide customization. If you have specific wishes or requirements for a door, you can discuss these with us. Then, we will then carefully examine your wishes and then apply them when the production will take place. Quality is our priority when it comes to customization. When it happens that your wish does not fit to our implementation, we will also advise you honestly. In addition, you can rest assured that the production of your doors is in good hands. We take care of the engineering, production, delivery, assembly and maintenance.

Characteristics combi soundproof doors

You can have your door produced entirely according to your wishes. It is possible to produce with different wishes for our soundproof doors. It is possible for us to supply doors with high sound insulation, fire resistance and burglar resistance. In addition, various forms of access control are also feasible. The doors are anti-panic resistant. All these characteristics have been tested and have passed the test well and certified.

Current projects

We have also gained a lot of experience in the meantime. You can view previous projects of our customers on our website. We mainly deliver doors to business-to-business (corporate) customers. We have delivered in various sectors such as: oil, gas, energy, industry, construction and the maritime sector. The doors are generally less suitable for the private life of houses. Also, we can tell you that we work in certain categories. Our work can be found in the following categories: office buildings, culture and leisure, road construction, industrial construction, MFC, music and recording studios and much more. For more information you can always contact us.

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