Acoustic enclosures – the best soundproof

Are you looking for acoustic enclosures? We can offer you one of the best solutions. We have theoretical and practical the knowledge. Thereby, we offer you more advise than you exactly asked for. We are continue busy with: working smarter, quieter and more efficient. Moreover, we are a very compact and flexible organisation. The design of an enclosure depends on: the source/ machine, environmental conditions and other requirements/ specifications. We strive for he most effective solution for you and your business.

Important for acoustic enclosures

The following points are important to know for your acoustic enclosure. We focus on smart design, guarantee, durable and speed. We can offer you a fully customised smart design for your project. We will advise you if there are some points to discuss. Also, quality is self-evident to us. You can expect guaranteed result. The enclosure will be constructed from durable steel panels. This steel panels have a long lifespan. Our enclosure has a easy installation, with minimal disruption to your (production) processes. We will take care of the complete assembly in your factory. We handle a short deliver period. When we will produce an enclosure for you, there are a lot of options. Customisation offers considerable freedom of choice. A few examples of the options are: diverse types of materials and panels, ventilation systems, different doors, hatches and windows and lighting.

Relevant projects

When you are looking for more information about us of our acoustic enclosures projects, we advise you to take a look at our website. All our current projects are represented on our website. We deliver for offshore gensets, CHP generators, compressors, pump installations, testing stands and marine generator sets. Do you have questions already? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone and e-mail. We will advise you anytime.

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